iRacing Street Stock Setups

iRacing Street Stocks

iRacing Street Stocks

  • The freshest iRacing setups available anywhere for the Street Stock are on this page.
  • All setup are for night racing conditions unless otherwise specified. If there is no temperature specified, the setup is for default weather (78° Fahrenheit).
  • The setups are sorted in alphabetical order by track name, for your convenience.
  • If I happen to run across a setup that seems to be outdated and useless, I delete it. I can’t possibly test all of these setups, so if you should run across a setup that seems to be outdated, please contact me and I’ll check it out.
  • If you can’t get the setups to download, it’s most likely your anti-virus software that is causing the problem. These are not common files and they also have an uncommon .sto extension. Please see your anti-virus software documentation for help with this. Microsoft Internet Explorer also sometimes presents some problems with downloading these files. I recommend Google Chrome.
  • Save these setup files to C:/Documents/iRacing/setups/streetstock/.


Charlotte-Cody Fowler

Charlotte by Cody Fowler

File Name: Charlotte-Cody_Fowler.sto
Freshness: March 14, 2015

1.2 KiB
Charlotte for Night Racing by Jeff Kendrick

To me, driving a Street Stock at Charlotte is sort of like waiting for a drip from a slow-leaking faucet. However, I know there are quite a few who enjoy the experience, so I decided to try my hand at an iRacing setup for Charlotte Motor Speedway. This setup was prepared using night lighting and default weather. If it feels too loose for you, try my day setup.

I also tested the setup at 65° and it's great at that temperature.

File Name: Charlotte-JK1_Race.sto
Freshness: April 16, 2015

1.2 KiB
Charlotte for Day Racing by Jeff Kendrick

Here's my iRacing Street Stock setup for Charlotte Motor Speedway in daytime racing conditions. It's the same basic setup as my Charlotte night, just a bit tighter.

File Name: Charlotte-JK1_RaceDay.sto
Freshness: April 17, 2015

1.2 KiB
Charlotte Legends Oval by Jeff Kendrick

Charlotte Legends Oval by Jeff Kendrick

File Name: Charlotte_Legends-Jeff_Kendrick.sto
Freshness: January 24, 2014

1.4 KiB
Charlotte Legends Oval Michael Goodson

Charlotte Legends Oval by Michael Goodson

File Name: Charlotte_Legends-Michael_Goodson.sto
Freshness: April 23, 2014

1.2 KiB
Langley by Jeff Kendrick

Here's a Street Stock iRacing setup that I made for Langley Speedway during 2015 Season 2. I used night lighting and default weather when making this setup.

I prefer a tight setup for Langley Speedway in this car because it helps when you can really get in the gas on corner exit without breaking the back end loose or spinning the tires. This setup could possibly be loosened a little.

File Name: Langley-Jeff_Kendrick_15.2.sto
Freshness: April 8, 2015

1.2 KiB
Lucas by Jeff Kendrick

Here's my Lucas Oil Raceway iRacing Street Stock setup made during 2015 Season 2. This setup was made using night lighting and default weather conditions.

File Name: Lucas-Jeff_Kendrick_15.2.sto
Freshness: April 19, 2015

1.2 KiB
Thompson for 2015 Season 2 by Jeff Kendrick

Here's an iRacing setup for Thompson International Speedway that I made during 2015 Season 2. I used night lighting and default weather when making this setup.

File Name: Thompson-Jeff_Kendrick_15.2.sto
Freshness: March 27, 2015

1.2 KiB

  4 Responses to “iRacing Street Stock Setups”

  1. does anyone have an irwindale inner setup? i could really use one. maybe one in the low 16s or high 15s. thats the really competitive times. thanks.

  2. I have one from last build. I don’t know what adjustments it needs. I haven’t messed with the Street Stock yet this season. I’ll upload it.

  3. Does someone have a south boston or oxford setup i could use?

  4. Fix that with a simple ride height adjustment, or try a different setup.

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