Sep 292016

For those who are anxiously waiting for more news on the development of iRacing dirt, here is a mini update. This was posted in the official iRacing forum by iRacing staff member Greg Hill.

Development work on dirt is going great! The physics, art, and track dynamics systems are all starting to work together in real-time. Today we took the #25 Sprint car out for a spin at Eldora Speedway. Here you’ll see the first glimpse of a prepared track beginning to develop a groove. Not yet visible but almost ready will be the accumulation of loose dirt and a cushion. Again, this is all dynamic… the track will constantly change and react based on the cars, resulting in an unparalleled dirt racing simulation.

The iRacing Dirt Sprint Car at Eldora Speedway

The iRacing Dirt Sprint Car at Eldora Speedway. Click for full sized image.

iRacing Dirt Late Model

Here is the iRacing Dirt Late Model.

Sep 212016

If you’re like me and you were annoyed as hell with NVIDIA for version 3.xx of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Software, there is a way to roll it back to the previous version. Some people may actually like the new version, but I found it intrusive and annoying. First, NVIDIA forces users to log in Read More…

Sep 192016
Today's iRacing Update

iRacing updated the sim software again today with a minor patch/build, and revealed tomorrow’s surprise a day early. Last week’s surprise invoked a lot of complaints, particularly from the oval side of iRacing. Many people expected something that would be good for the entire iRacing community. Anything from new forum software to a major website Read More…

Aug 302016
iRacing Dirt Update

This is just a quick post regarding some iRacing dirt news I saw today in the official iRacing forum. The word from iRacing has been that there will be three versions of the Dirt Late Model, each with different horsepower. Some members were wondering if they would have to buy all three versions as separate Read More…

Jun 032016

Week 13 starts in a few days, and iRacing has already posted the release notes for next season. It’s a bit unusual, but I’m not complaining. The headline for this release is the new Italian road course, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, also known as Imola. Also, South Boston Speedway got an artwork upgrade. So let’s take Read More…

May 032016
Tony Gardner Talks Dirt

I have praised iRacing quite a lot in the past few weeks after the announcement that dirt racing will be added to the service. Not only that, I think rallycross is a great idea and will also be a lot of fun. At times I’ve also been very critical of iRacing, mainly concerning the stewardship Read More…

Apr 132016
iRacing Will Add Williams Grove Speedway

On the heels of the big dirt racing announcement, iRacing has now announced that they will be adding Pennsylvania’s Williams Grove Speedway in addition to Eldora Speedway. Known simply as “The Grove,” Williams Grove Speedway has hosted many headlining series and some of racing’s most prestigious dirt races including USAC National Championship races from the Read More…

Apr 022016
iRacing To Add Dirt Racing

On the heels of the abject failure of the Big Ant Studios Kickstarter campaign for a new Dirt Track Racing game, iRacing has announced that dirt racing will be added to their advanced racing simulation which now features dynamic racing surfaces. iRacing’s Executive Vice President, Steve Myers, is confident that it will be launched at Read More…

Feb 262016
Big Ant Drives for Dirt Track Racing Simulation

If you have been around the sim racing community for at least ten years, you are most likely familiar with Ratbag Games, an Australian company that released several dirt track racing simulations and games for the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Ratbag Games, initially known as Emergent Games, was founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1993. Their Read More…