Jun 032016

Week 13 starts in a few days, and iRacing has already posted the release notes for next season. It’s a bit unusual, but I’m not complaining. The headline for this release is the new Italian road course, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, also known as Imola. Also, South Boston Speedway got an artwork upgrade.

So let’s take a look at all the things that iRacing has updated and added that I find relevant (mostly short track oval stuff. :D).

The iRacing Website
  • The Setup Up Grid button has been moved up the page to a more relevant position on the session creation page.
  • The Grid Builder context menu now positions itself correctly.
Dynamic Tracks
  • Dust and gravel can be dragged and thrown onto the track. This debris then interacts with the racing tires. The debris can accumulate on the tires and it will have an effect on tire grip.
  • A cube map update will cause brighter reflections off of object.
DirectX 11
  • Several patches and fixes were implemented.
  • All new iRacing installations will default to DirectX 11.
  • All tracks now have complete particle collison. Debris and other particles such as sparks will bounce along the racing surface instead of passing through into the underworld.
  • Improved aero, road rolling, and wind sounds for all vehicles.
  • The scraping noises that you don’t want to hear, the ones for Armco fence rails and vehicle undertrays have been improved.
Incident Points
  • The Info tab on the session screen will show your incident points for the current session.
  • The Entries tab on the session screen will have an “INCS” column. You can see the incident points for all of the entries in that column. They aren’t visible during a race session, but they will be visible after the race is complete. Admins are able to see everyone’s incident points at any time during a race session.
iRacing Super Late Model
  • Now uses PBR shaders.
  • The mirrors have been adjusted.
South Boston Speedway
  • South Boston artwork has been upgraded for all track configuration. This includes the track surface, environment objects, and structures. SoBo should now shine like new.
Thompson Speedway
  • Fixed that bump at the entrance to turn three. Now I might have to change my racing line at Thompson. hmmm
May 032016
Tony Gardner Talks Dirt

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Apr 132016
iRacing Will Add Williams Grove Speedway

On the heels of the big dirt racing announcement, iRacing has now announced that they will be adding Pennsylvania’s Williams Grove Speedway in addition to Eldora Speedway. Known simply as “The Grove,” Williams Grove Speedway has hosted many headlining series and some of racing’s most prestigious dirt races including USAC National Championship races from the Read More…

Apr 022016
iRacing To Add Dirt Racing

On the heels of the abject failure of the Big Ant Studios Kickstarter campaign for a new Dirt Track Racing game, iRacing has announced that dirt racing will be added to their advanced racing simulation which now features dynamic racing surfaces. iRacing’s Executive Vice President, Steve Myers, is confident that it will be launched at Read More…

Feb 262016
Big Ant Drives for Dirt Track Racing Simulation

If you have been around the sim racing community for at least ten years, you are most likely familiar with Ratbag Games, an Australian company that released several dirt track racing simulations and games for the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Ratbag Games, initially known as Emergent Games, was founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1993. Their Read More…

Feb 252016

As over racers continue to face a paucity of options for their preferred breed of racing, Project CARS appears to be providing another kick in the pants. This is more than disappointing. Project CARS was crowd funded (CARS stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) and American style oval racing was promised at the outset. Slightly Read More…

Feb 242016
Dirt Rally -  Codemasters Best Rally Game to Date

Dirt Rally was developed and published by Codemasters (Codemasters Software Company Ltd.) initially for the PC. Codemasters released an early access version of the game on April 27, 2015 via the Steam digital distribution service. The full version of Dirt Rally was released on December 7, 2015. The game is set to be released for PlayStation Read More…

Jan 062016
Oculus Rift Available for Pre-Order, Ships March 28

Oculus VR has begun taking pre-orders for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset today. Many speculated that the price would be in the $300 to $500 range, but it’s currently priced at a hefty $599. The ship dates start on March 28, so spen $600 now and you can have your high-end virtual reality headset Read More…